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on about his case. two major developments. special prosecutor's office from fairfax county are arguing that he should be retried on other charges in related to that crime. they argue it was not covered in the order issued by the judge last week. the other big development happening is in the fourth circuit, ken cuccinelli the attorney general for the state of virginia, is arguing that the appeal for the decision from last week should go forward. they say that he's guilty and should continue to be tried and they are arguing for an appeal. if the appeal is denied in the fourth circuit, ken cuccinelli says he may take the case to the u.s. supreme court. a lot of things happening and a lot of tension in the courtroom particularly from the prisoner's family. more at 5:00 tonight. virginia. >> thank you. following another story. congress has passed a deal which now reverts the fiscal cliff. >> than since the dow jones sorry for the first time in weeks, but not everyone is happy with the deal. as brianne carter reports some lawmakers are concerned the new agreement will leave us worse off than
snow covered inside the beltway on 66. outside the beltway on 66, not as bad as fairfax county parkway. this is as you head eastbound. so more volume helped clear the road a bit. you got to give yourself extra time. aaron and eun? >> thank you. >>> right now, plows busy cleaning up snow-covered roads around the region. a live look for you -- we hope. there we go. 200 trucks have been pretreating d.c. streets since 10:00 last night. ddot says road temperature are below freezing. they expect the snow to stick to the streets through the rush hour. >>> and counties south and east of the district are waking up to the most snow this morning. news4's megan mcgrath has been traveling around prince george's county. she started in suitland and is in forestville. how are the roads as you're driving? what does it look like where you are? >> reporter: good morning. we are here at pennsylvania avenue right at suitland parkway. and this is an area that i drove through at 2:00 in the morning on my way to work. when i drove on pennsylvania avenue, there was still snow on the roadway. take a look now. w
circuit and district courts will had open at noon. >>> in virginia, fairfax city's government is open with liberal leave. fairfax county government is open with unscheduled leave. pay attention if you take public transit to work. the loudoun county commuter bus service is delayed until 10:00 this morning and prtc omni link will be running on a three hp hour delay. >>> let's get the reason why as we approach 4:31. here's tom kierein. >> look at storm team 4 radar. we're getting precipitation reaching the ground to our west and north. but not right in the district or south and east. the areas in bright white getting a combination of sleet and freezing rain across loudoun county. across the potomac into montgomery county, the areas in bright white, from poolsville, gaithersburg, clarksburg, all getting sleet and light icing. farther south and east of there, just a few light sprinkles and temperatures are a little bit above freezing around the beltway and inside the beltway. just north and west, we have it right near the freezing mark. hour by hour through the morning hours, hovering near
george's county. montgomery, arlington, fairfax near 20 in the district. and later today, it's going to be mid 20s by noon. we'll have sunshine then. a gusty wind will swirl the snow, gusting to 30 miles per hour. the windchills will be in the teens. sunrise 7:20. sunset, 5:21. by then winds will diminish to the mid 20s under a clear sky. more snow maybe tomorrow. i'll have details on that all morning long. stay tuned. i'm back in ten minutes. danella? >>> good morning. checking a new accident. this is as you head westbound 66 at the dulles toll road. crash here blocks the left lane. and heading over -- i want to show you local roads. this is 29 in columbia at 32. and you see at least a path here that's clear for you as you make your way northbound. southbound, we'll continue closer to silver spring. this is at franklin. the roads get a little better, but you see some areas are plowed, some still snow covered. you have to give yourself extra time just so you can drive slowly in case you have to come to an abrupt stop. if the have the ability to leave a little later, you should do so.
's frigid had friday morning. we're down into the teens. prince george's county, article ton, fairfax, montgomery counties, down into mid and upper teens. right at reagan national near 20. in the upper teens near the bay. inland, southern maryland got the heavier snow yesterday. it's only around 10 degrees now. hour by hour throughout the day, we'll have thickening clouds through the morning. by 9:00, 10:00. it's going to be in the low 20s. low to mid 20s by noontime. by 3:00, will likely be in the mid and upper 20s. that's where we'll begin to see the snow moving in from the west. earlier in the mountains. in the metro area by 3:00. between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. we'll have most of the accumulation taking place. there will definitely be slick spots on untreated surfaces by then. all of coming to an end later tonight. danella with a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. we'll start with metro. if you're taking the yellow or green lines, expect delays in both directions because of i a switch problem. if you're traveling marc or vre, i'm checking for delays. both rails aren't repo
of maryland, including montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county. reagan national at 20 degrees. we've had the cloud cover increasing coming from the north and west. might have a little fuzzy sunshine. otherwise, a lot of cloudiness through noontime. by then the low 20s. some of of the light snow in the me row area. there will likely be slick spot for the afternoon commute. i'll show you how much snow i am expecting. that's coming up in ten minutes. right now a look at your first 4 traffic this friday morning with danella. good morning. >> good morning, tom. oh, snow you didn't. you said here we snow again. i had to get in on it. little crazy. it's friday. 66. we're taking a look right now. hay market heading toward the beltway, no issues to report. here's a live look at 50. the roads are much better than yesterday. delays should be a lot easier. let's head over inside the beltway, 66 at glebe. east and westbound. nice and clear as you make your way eastbound towards gw parkway. no incidents to report. aaron and eun, back to you. >> thank you, danella. breaking news. a gunman on
this violent rape. they are accused of repeatedly raping a 20-year-old back -- fairfield -- fairfax woman as she fell in and outside of consciousness and outside the cathedral in downtown. moments earlier inside she told me "i son is innocent. i have no faith in the distal system i just leave it up to god." >> we believe the real story will come out in the days and weeks to follow. we're just getting started. we take very seriously. >> according to court documents the two men and women know each other. all three left the same bar together on new year's eve intoxicated. the victim was allegedly lured into the parking garage. police say the woman was raped over and over again by both men. eventu let petered -- beaten and bottlebattered. >> the judge did accept a continuance, but not before he added another charge of first- degree sex assault for both the attendance. they will be back in court next week. the owner of this martial arts school says he and his employees have nothing to do with this rate. >-- this rape. >> thank you. new developments in the penn state scandal. jerry sandusky wor
in fredericksburg. radar, got a couple showers pushing through fairfax county and loudoun county not far from great falls. other than that, we are in pretty good shape. the commute, what's left of it will be wet on the way home, but again, no icy problems and no worries about anything in terms of heavy rain. we'll come back and talk about a crazy temperature roller coaster. can you say thunderstorms and flurries within 48 hours? it may happen. >> no icy problems, that's a good thing. well, congress is finally passed a big disaster relief package for the victims of superstorm sandy. it amounts to $50 billion. that money goes to help families and businesses all up and down the east coast. so they can rebuild following the damage done by sandy back in october. family members of a new york city woman who vanished while vacationing in turkey have now arrived in istanbul. her husband and brother landed a short time ago. that 33-year-old mom left on a solo trip abroad three weeks ago and she kept in regular contact with the family and she was supposed to be back last tuesday, but when the plane landed, s
've seen her, please call police. >>> the man suspected of groping over a dozen women in fairfax county appears to have struck again. this most recent incident came last night. a 30-year-old woman said she was jogging along briarwood court near patriot drive when a man grabbed her. here's a sketch of the suspect. if police determine this one is connected, it would be no. 15. >>> a fairfax county judge is stopping attempts to regulate stormwater in fairfax county. the u.s. district judge says the environmental protection agency overstepped its bounds when it tried to restrict the runoff from the creek. attorney general ken cuccinelli says the ruling will save virginia taxpayers over $300 million. >>> they say old habits die hard and you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but those concepts today came together to save a woman inside a burning home in bowie. retired firefighter billy mills saw smoke as he was driving along route 301. he knew it was a house fire by the smell. so this 20-year-old veteran made a beeline for that sneak and arrived at just about the same time as emergency crews
george's county. many locations there. arlington, fairfax counties, much of northern virginia, 30s to the 40s now. a nice warmup occurred overnight and it will billed through the rest of the day. radar is showing a few sprinkles, these little patches of green, western fairfax county. parts of prince william, rappahannock, shenandoah valley. these are zipping off to the east. elsewhere, a partly cloudy sky now. hour by hour through the day today, between 7:00 and 8:00, hovering upper 30s, low 40s with the patchy fog in the rural areas. by 10:00, ought to be in the upper 40s. near 50 degrees much of the region. in fact, may be near 60 part of the shenandoah valley into central virginia during the afternoon. night quite as warm around the metro area in the afternoon. sunrise at 7:17. sunset at 5:26. a look at the rest of the day and a hometown forecast coming up in ten minutes. first 4 traffic with danella now. >> good morning, we'll start with the rails. two minor dee lals on the marc train. brunswick east 890. a seven-minute delay. penn south train number 511. i mentioned a moment a
for unscheduled leave or teleworker. the fairfax county -- telework. the fairfax county government is open with its unscheduled leave policy in place. >> as for the schools, fairfax, loudoun, alexandria city, manassas park city, and arlington counties in virginia are all on a two-hour delay now as are anne arundel, prince george's, montgomery, frederick, and carroll county schools in maryland. >> these county school system are closed today -- charles, calvert, st. mary's counties in maryland, winchester city, culpeper, stafford, orange, spotsylvania, prince william, fauquier, rappahannock and king george counties in virginia, all of the school closings and delays are scrolling on the bottom of your screen. we'll bring you the latest as it comes into the newsroom. >>> the cold could impact your commute on the metro. yesterday a rail cracked near the naylor road station. metro says something similar could happen again as cracked rail are fairly common with temperatures so low, especial oh above-ground portions of the track. unfortunately, they say there is no way to avoid that problem. >>> t
. enly in the 50s washington, montgomery and arlington and fairfax counties on this wednesday morning. just clouds racing through overnight. little bit of the moon showing through in the western sky. later today, a risk of severe storms. some of the storms in this yellow zone could produce damaging winds that would be coming from this storm system coming in from the midwest. this is now in the ohio valley. this is sweeping east. probably will be right into the metro area but not until this evening. between now and then, 7:00 a.m. in the 50s with a southerly breeze around 15 miles per hour. then getting blustery the rest of the day gusting to 30 miles an hour. 4:00 p.m., cloudy, the mid 70s to low 70s much of the region. then storms rolling in west to east beginning in the shenandoah valley around 7:00 p.m. into the metro area between 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. the storms could produce damaging wind. down around 60 by then. we could pick up over an inch of rain. i am back in ten minutes with another update. eun? >>> tom, thank you. a developing story in alabama. police there say a gunman is s
. chopper 4 in fairfax at 50. no serious delays there. 12-minute ride from fairfax county parkway to the beltway at 55 miles an hour on eastbound 66. also worry-free at east falls church. looking good on the beltway in prince george's county. let's take a live look at the beltway at route 4. no serious delays at the inner or outer loop. back to you. >> mike, thank you. >>> vice president joe biden's gun control task force turns attention to the video game industry. the entertainment association which represents several video game makers has confirmed it's a part of the talks this afternoon. biden wants to know if violent video games like call of duty: black ops ii play a role in mass shootings. various studies debunked the theory that violent games lead to real life violence. >>> there will be no class this morning at a rural california high school where a student opened fire on classmates. the 16-year-old boy shot one classmate with a shotgun and ride to shoot another but missed. this happened in taft, california. police say the boy had been planning the attack and targeted stude
, prince george's, arlington, fairfax counties and points west. much of northern virginia near freezing. much of maryland at or above freezing as well as the shenandoah valley and into the mountains. here's how we look hour by hour. a light wind and cloudy hovering near freezing. sunrise at 7:27. by noontime, maybe a few scattered flurries, upper 30s near 40. might have flurries and sprinkles into late afternoon but all above freezing. roadways getting a little wet if that happens. i'm back in ten minutes with your evening planner. alexis davies in for danella. good morning. >> good morning, tom. look at the roadways. still light volume traveling on the beltway of the we have a couple of accidents we're dealing with. northbound rock creek parkway at p street northwest. there was an accident there blocking the northbound side. all northbound traffic is being diverted on to k street northwest. another accident on the ramp to 95 northbound at fairfax county parkway. it is a one-car accident. it looks like police are on the scene to clear that accident out of way. erika? >> thanks so much.
's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties. much of southern maryland away from the waters. right on the waters, near freezing. farther to the north and west, only near 20 degrees in frederick county. into washington county and the panhandle of west virginia and much of western maryland. most of the shenandoah valley only the low 20s right now. some of the highlands in west virginia, down into the teens this morning. certainly our coldest morning in some time. as we get through the commute, it's going to stay in the 20s through 6:00, 7:00 this morning with a light wind. light winds during the afternoon, as well. we'll have lots of sunshine. by the noon hour, mid 30s and near 40 by early to mid-afternoon. sunrise, 7:27. sunset, 4:59. by sunset time, we'll be back to the mid 30s. another cold night tonight. a hometown forecast, that's coming up in ten minutes. now a look at traffic on this thursday morning. alexis davies is here. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tom. and good morning, everyone. still looking at a very light commute as you're traveling on the beltway this early morning hou
radar showing just a few lingering sprinkles, fairfax, montgomery, the district, prince george's county. the heaviest rains have now moved off the atlantic seaboard. getting snow showers out of the mountains. here's some of the rain totals. radar estimates, this area in green had as much as three to as much as four inches. parts of montgomery county and fairfax county. right in the district, generally had about an inch and a half to two inches. and all the areas farther east have had from an inch to a half inch as far as -- west, as well. they could probably see those streams and creeks out of their bank this morning. all these counties in green have reports of creeks and streams and rivers out of their banks. the monocasee in frederick, at or above flood stage for the day. watch out for that on the rural areas. winds have been picking up. gusts over 40 miles per hour, frederick county, washington county, panhandle of west virginia, locally we've had gusts to around 30 miles per hour. and they're only going to be increasing as the day progresses. now we've got a wide variety of temperat
county. closer to washington, near 30 in montgomery, arlington, fairfax and prince george's. la plata down to 21 in charles county near the bay in southern maryland. most locations upper 20s to 30 degrees. here's our looking for friday, the 4th day of january. we'll have a mostly clear sky through the morning hours and mid afternoon. few clouds moving in late afternoon into this evening. before then, we should climb into the low 40s by mid-afternoon. winds will be blustery. sunrise at 7:27. sunset at 5:00. i'm back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. a look at your friday evening, mike cremedas in for danella. >> no reports of backups on the inner loop or the outer loop. let's talk about 95 in virginia. things are looking good as you make the trip north. let's take a live look in dale city. no serious backups there. looking great at the springfield interchange. it's a 27-minute ride northbound 95 to the beltway at 57 miles per hour. >>> mike, thank you. melissa mollet is at the live desk with breaking news. good morning. >> good morning. police are looking for a 15-year-old girl
's howard ea lot of delays with a few closures. >> fairfax county is giving unscheduled leave to workers. >> ipad apps wusa9. >>> also reports of sleet and freezing rain coming in even from southern maryland points north you have a glaze there, report of a glaze on a lot of things out there 30 degrees. get low 30s this morning. by lunch time mid to upper 30s, our winter weather advisory goes until 10:00 a.m. and this afternoon we'll certainly get out of this. we are going to get out of it quickly in southern areas as well. last couple of hours, snow and sleet at the onset. now sleet and freezing rain, depending on where you are in most areas. wet snow mixing in north and east of us. plain old cold rain mixing in with some of the sleet as well. you can see north of town all the pink is a mix of freezing rain and sleet. take it easy this morning. not an ice storm but enough. andrews 32. look at the low 30s in the northern shanendoah valley. let's go to monika samtani and see how this nasty weather is affecting the morning commute. >> reporter: howard was tweeting all of this out yesterday
no era normal que el no nos hubiera dejado ni un dia sin noticias de el." la policia de fairfax dice que sus restos se encontraron en un campo abierto en maryland. "se encontro partes de un esqueleto en un campo en frederick oscar desaparecio misteriosam ente el 9 de julio de su trabajo aqui en tysons corner el fue a trabajar como de costumbre pero nunca regreso a su casa la policia no quiso hablar de sospechosos, solo se limito a decir que el caso es ahora un homicidio y que esperan hacerle justicia a esta familia boliviana que no perdio la fe ni descanso en buscar a su ser querido "la investigacion continua pero lo tenemos, ya lo tenemos. su mama su papa, sus hermanas la familia de el van a descansar ya saben a donde estan dirigiendo sus plegarias." con los restos encontrados, y algunas pistas, se necesitan testigos o alguien que de informacion sobre el responsable de este asesinato "n , si crees que nos va a ayudar, por favor llamanos porque a veces hay gente que tiene informacion que nosotros no tenemos." casos con un final tragico como el de oscar no son comunes aqui en el condado d
house fire in fairfax. cell phone video captured the flames. the fire broke out in the 9,000 block of shelly krasnow lane. one person was flown to the hospital with burns. darcy has the latest developments for us. hi, darcy. >> reporter: yeah, the fire broke out down the street, around the corner from where i am standing. the man remains in the hospital tonight after he tried to put the flames out himself. the cell phone video shows flames shooting in the roof of a million dollar single family home in fairfax. >> it was pretty shocking. the flames were coming out of the roof, probably 30 feet above the roof. very intense fire. it took a while, even with all the water they put on it to knock the fire down. >> a man in his 80s had to be flown to a local burn unit after trying to put it out himself with a bucket of water. >> he was injured. he's been flown to washington burn center with respiratory-type injuries. >> reporter: the flames broke out on the second floor and quickly spread. officials say the victim brought his wife to safety and went in without immediately calling 911. >>
. reagan national is at 51. much of prince george's county near 50 and ew in arlington and fairfax county and mid 40s in montgomery county. that warmup on the way for the weekend, we'll talk about that and a look into a big change coming next week. that's all in just a few minutes. barbara? >> tom, thank you. >>> here's your mid day traffic with danella seabrook with the latest. are we looking at problems? >> we are, keith. we'll start what 395 making your way northbound at washington boulevard. crash involves a tractor-trailer off to the right lane and we'll talk about delays as you're traveling northbound 395, the hov lane around glee you're heavy. construction, 66 at the beltway the right la is blocked so delays for you at 66. making your way from fairfax county parkway to the beltway that drive will take 22 minutes. barbara, back to you. >> thanks, danella. new this morning two home fires left families without a home. first in prince george's county a fire started in the basement of a home in mitchellville around 2:00 on the 3200 block of vista road not far from route 50. the fire spr
. under these clouds, it's near the freezing mark. prince george's, arlington, fairfax, below freezing from prince william to fauquier, rappahannock, madison, green. parts of southern maryland, charles county near freezing. later today, by 6:00 a.m., still near the freezing mark with a lot of cloudiness. cloudy noontime, upper 40s. during the afternoon, may briefly get into the low 50s. lot of clouds around and light rain by the time you head back home from work and school today. rain may continue into part of this evening. we'll take a look at that, your evening planner. that's coming up in ten minutes. if you're heading out tonight, i'll be back then. now with first 4 traffic, mike cremedas in for danella. >> we have a problem on 95 in virginia on the northbound side just north of dumfries near cardinal drive. a vehicle fire. the good news is the police are on the scenement looks like the fire is out and smoldering. might take a while to get it out of the way. the good news is things are moving by pretty quickly. ten-minute ride on northbound 95 from the occoquan to the beltway. the
could still feel their impact today. many low-lying areas like this one in fairfax county are under water at this hour. and that could cause problems with your morning commute. >>> power crews working hard to get lights on for thousands in the area. we found lines down on beech drive nor porter in the district. a tree brought those down. pepco has restored power to 4,000 residents in the past half-hour. just 1,500 in the dark. dominion dropping quickly, as well. down to less than 800. bge holding steady, 350 outages in anne arundel and prince george's county. high water also a major issue on region roads. megan mcgrath in annan dale, virginia, where streets are blocked from flooding. megan? >> reporter: we are seeing trouble spots still, but we are also seeing quite a bit of improvement. we last spoke about a half-hour ago. and i was standing here in the northbound lanes of annandale road. as you see now, this is no longer under water. the water has receded to further down the roadway here. frankly, it's than deep. i think it's not going to be too much longer that lanes will be clos
in prince george's. and it's in the low 40s in arlington county, and parts of fairfax county, the western part, upper 30s. elsewhere, low to mid 40s. much of the region by 8:00 should be around 40 degrees. the northwest winds still a bit blustery. but it ought to settle down by later today. a partly cloudy day by noon. the upper 40s. by mid-afternoon, only the low 50s. and that's about ten degrees warmer than the average, though. not much of a warmup from where we are now. sunrise, 7:27. sunset at 5:06. i'm back with the hometown forecast in a few minutes. first 4 traffic with danella. good morning. >>> good morning. seeing problems in howard county. if you're planning to jump on old frederick road, it's going to be closed throughout the rush. this is between brachton drive and raleigh tavern live. downed wires, not expected to get moved until later today. to i-95 as well as 295 in maryland between the baltimore beltway and the capital beltway. both directions, traffic getting by with no issues. over to 50, though, westbound, inbound as you make your way past davidsonville road. a crash t
to interstate 66 fairfax county parkway to 66 as well would be an option. >> most of the d.c. region's children did not cease know. >> in virginia we saw some snow that was sticking to a few surfaces. drivers were concerned including henry washington, on his way from baltimore to alabama. >> we are going to take our time, if we have to do laydown at a hotel until it gets better that's what we will do. >> virginia state police say that they fielded more than 754 calls for service on thursday. the busiest regions or southwest virginia and the river valley. >> and other big story we are following. lance armstrong admits to using performance enhancing drugs during his cycling career. gretzky made the admission during an interview with oprah winfrey thursday night on own. the second parterres tonight. tahman bradley has more. >> after years of lying, he finally confessed. >> in all seven of your victories, did you ever take banned substances or substancesdope? >>-- or blood dope? >> yes. >> he took responsibility. >> my cocktail was only epo not a lot. and transfusions and testosterone. all the blam
.c. government. >>> we're also tracking delays in maryland. prince george zimmerm's county >> fairfax county government is open with unscheduled leave. pay attention if you take public transit to work as well. the loudoun county commuter bus service is delayed until 10:00 and prtc omni link will be running on a three-hour delay. >>> let's find out what had morning going to look like. tom kierein here with your forecast. tom, good morning. >> good morning. storm team 4 radar showing this precipitation but moving in the last six hours. but it's suspended aloft. much of it is drying up before reaches the ground. to our west, some is beginning to reach the ground. these areas in the darker pinks in loudoun county, montgomery county, as well as -- frederick county west virginia. panhandle there. leesburg they're getting sleet and freezing rain beginning. all points east, it's generally just a little bit above freezing. any rain that falls is going to generally just be wet initially. but just to our west, you look here and montgomery county it's at the freezing mark, so is much of fairfax county,
. >> thank you. new developments tonight in the case of a lawsuit in fairfax county. the supreme court of virginia is reversing a judge's order that a woman removed-online reviews of a contractor. the aclu appeal the original order, citing it as a violation of the first amendment and virginia law. the supreme court has thrown out the preliminary injunction issued in fairfax county circuit court. >> it is a chilly out there today but we are on par for where we should be at the beginning of the year. >> bitterly cold. >> the next couple of days will be cold but we will warm up and by early next week, we could be in the '50s. this is from leesburg during the day and shows off very nicely the array of clouds we enjoyed during the day. in may for a nice guy and toward sundown, we see the skies clearing out of it tonight and clear skies and dry, cold conditions with temperatures and the dew point near 19 degrees. that is the target area right now. a bit of a chill in air in beloit. a definite chill in the air but that doesn't qualify for bitterly cold. 29 in hagerstown. 40 degree
are in centerville it seems to break loose a bit traveling toward fairfax. northbound 95, don't forget about that accident in quantico sitting on the left shoulder. back to you guys. >>> thank you monika. arlington county schools are closed. we have a lot of delays, that is one of the few closures. we just got that in. >>> speaking of ice, that is the reason why they closed. the profession alice on the ice, the caps did not go nearly as long as the wizards did. highlights coming up. >>> the 49ers arrive in new orleans before the ravens as the teams prepare for the super bowl . >> let's take another look at your washington golf show question of the morning. a new survey of women says this is the number one thing that will determine whether or not she is going to date a guy. is it his profession, his choice in music or the type of car he drives? >> our facebook friend michelle asks why isn't hygiene on that list? we'll have the answer coming up. if you answer the question of the day correctly, you'll have a chance to win four tickets to the washington golf show february 1-3. one winner will be
. near 60 degrees for prince george's county. west of there, arlington, fairfax counties, most locations are in the 50s. mid and upper 50s. here's what's been happening over the last six hours. just clouds coming and going. it's a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky. later today, this yellow zone we could get severe storms. it covers all of virginia, the district, just about all of maryland and west virginia. coming from a strong line of thunderstorms and a squall line way out in the midwest now. this is eventually going to sweep our way but not until, i don't think, after sunset is how it looks. here's how we look. 7:00 a.m., partly cloudy, low 50s. by 4:00 p.m., the mid-70s much of the region is southerly wind gusting. a chance of severe storms between 7:00 and 11:00 p.m. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. >>> 4:32 nowment let's check in with melissa mollet live at the scene of a beltway crash in route 50. melissa, what's going on? >> reporter: we have the chief to fill us in. the lanes in the inner loop shut down. just a terrible accident. chief, tell us what happened. >> abo
on the roadways. we have an accident on the ramp to northbound 95 in virginia at fairfax county parkway. the ramp has been closed. it is a one-vehicle crash. as you can see in the video here. a lot of police activity on the roadway and that ramp is shut down. another accident blocking traffic this morning at northbound rock creek parkway at p street northwest. traffic has been diverted to k street northwest. >>> alexis davis in for danella this morning. thank you. >>> a stabbing hours into the new year. it happened near talbert street and martin luther king boulevard southeast. two women traveling together were attacked. one was stabbed, the other beaten. the suspect ran and ran off the bus. the victims suffered serious injuries. no word on the motive or the search for a suspect. >>> also new this morning, police are investigating a seven-car crash in northeast d.c. the chain reaction crash happened along new york avenue near blade ens burglary road around 1:30. five people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police are still trying to figure out what caused the crash. new york avenue
light snow in montgomery and howard, prince george's, arlington and fairfax. across northern virginia, there's a couple of spots where it will be coming down harder, prince william, northern fauquier, the panhandle of west virginia. this is all rapidly moving to the east. it did leave up to an inch of snow in some locations. generally around the metro area and points north and west. there was only about a half inch to less than that, maybe a quarter inch. some places here, pendleton county, west virginia, had a couple of inches. a winter weather advisory in effect until 9:00. it's probably going to be expiring here shortly as the snow's going to taper off and end over the next couple of hours. it's cold. down into the teens to just near 20 degrees now from prince george's county into arlington, fairfax, montgomery, and the district. we'll hold steady near 20 with maybe a few lingering light flakes, flurries through 6:00 a.m. then sunny after that, turning windy. gusts of wind to 30 miles per hour. that will be swirling the snow around. highs only reaching the upper 20s by mid-afternoo
. >> i am pamela brown. loudoun county schools are open --rather , on a two hour delay. fairfax county, two hours arlington, two hour delay. federal agencies are open. montgomery county school ands are closed. >> now, jacqui jeras with the weather. >> mainly it has been in southern maryland and towards fredericksburg and stafford county where the schools are closed today. that's where we have picked up two inches or 3 inches. the metro, a quarter inch to an act -- to a half-inch. it is phasing out already along interstate 81. this will phase out within the next few hours. winter weather and advisory in effect until 9:00 this morning. if we will still have maybe just a few snow flurries by 9:00. it's clearing out. snow coming down south of vienna towards falls church, and mclean has a little light snow coming down. bethesda towards college park, where it's more moderate at this time. a second batch of snow to the south, along 95 and east word. toward southern maryland, lexington park, visibility reduced a little.they picked up a good two inches of snow. temperatures in the teens. 19 at
progresses, as these clouds are heading to the east. right now, it is just in the mid to upper 20s, fairfax, arlington. low 20s in montgomery. and mid to upper 20s in prince george's county. much of southern maryland. now the rest of virginia, shenandoah valley's only near 20 degrees. panhandle of west virginia, near 20. and near 20 frederick, washington county into western maryland, highlands in west virginia, only in the teens on this cold thursday morning. third day of january. by 7:00 a.m., the mid to upper 20s, around the metro area, still colder than that in the rural areas. by noontime, mid 30s much of the region. and by mid-afternoon, ought to hit upper 30s near 40 in the metro area, elsewhere in the 30s the rest of the day with a light wind. sunrise, 7:27. the sunset at 4:59. i'm back in ten minutes with the hometown forecast. eun? >> thank you. >>> 6:03. this morning we're waiting word if a body found in adams-morgan is a man who vanished nearby on new year's eve. police found the body last night on biltmore street, just a block from where michael poe was last seen. news4's megan
at right now. they called the vienna police and they called in the fairfax county bomb squad and the fairfax county bomb squad did say it was a threat and they used the robot and they spent about five or ten minutes using the video come are on the robot to examine the device and about ten minutes later they picked it up and brought it back to where the bomb squad members were assembled and then took it around the building. we're told behind the building they dismantled the device and i was told by one of the fairfax county officers it was a grenade with the pin inside but it was missing the blasting cap so they deemed it as hazardous but didn't pose that much of a threat to the business. the atf and fbi were on scene and they are trying to determine where the grenade came from. such an odd thing to have one laying in the treat. we'll continue to follow the story. 123 has been re-opened as the fairfax police and vienna place still investigate. >>> one person dead in a house fire in lower maryland, it broke around around 8:30 this morning near route 198. the firefighters say on
now and then, we have a few flurries showing up on radar. trying to reach the ground here in fairfax county, southern montgomery, northern prince george's. northern anne arundel. holding steady in the upper 20s, 30 degrees. we'll stay here for a couple of hours. a nice warmup by the time of the swearing-in ceremony. ought to be in the low 40s then. winds will pick up, gusting to 20 miles per hour. a lot of cloudiness and maybe a little flurry activity this afternoon. during the time of the parade, actually may be in the mid and upper 40s between 1:00, 3:00 or so. quickly turning colder tonight as winds will pick up. could get passing snow showers, 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. some could produce a dusting on mainly grassy areas and way below freezing tonight with strong winds down to near 20 tomorrow morning. highs only the upper 20s tomorrow. looks like we'll stay below freezing with gusty winds tuesday night into wednesday and then lighter winds but still below freezing temperatures into the weekend. might get accumulating snow on friday. stay tuned. i'm back in ten minutes. a look at traffic
and fairfax mid-60s. over most of virginia now. and also we have temperatures that are also continuing to hold steady in the 60s to near 70. and we have a severe thunderstorm watch in that area left of the screen. the areas in yellow and orange, those are areas where we have severe thunderstorm warnings. the watch, those areas in the darker color. that's in effect until 4:00 p.m. that watch may be extended farther east. now, all of these counties in green are under a flash flood watch. that means we could get some brief very heavy downpours. maybe pick up an inch to inch and a half of rain in a short amount of time. that may cause high amounts of water in washington, prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties, north and west, for the threat of high waters with heavy downpours coming in later this afternoon. we'll sort out the timing for all of this, the threat for severe weather, the risk zone and the seven-day outlook in a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. >>> and we are following a developing story in alabama right now. police are negotiating with a man who shot and killed a scho
there. closer to washington now, we're in the low 40s. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties. out in the mountains, many locations there hovering near freezing. by 6:00 a.m., upper 30s, low 40s. a blustery wind gusting to 15, 20 miles an hour or so. that will diminish as the morning progresses. by noon, upper 40s, a partly cloudy afternoon. just climbing to the low 50s. not much of a warmup today. but that's still about ten degrees warmer than the average high for early january. sunrise, 7:27. sunset at 5:06. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. danella here with traffic. >>> good morning. traveling the roadways, they look clear. before that, let's talk about the rails. taking metro, marc, vre, rails are open. not seeing delays as of yet. now, let's look at 395. we talked about this a little bit earlier. traveling southbound 395 at seminary road. you still have that disabled tractor-trailer. not in the travel lanes, off to the right shoulder lane. in fact, 395 north and southbound, travel lanes are open, no issues to report. over to 66 heading out of haymar
. in the district, about 1.2 inches. prince george's county, an inch and a quarter. south of washington from fairfax county and around dulles down to prince william, they had two inches or a little bit more there. and about an inch and a half or so farther south. a lot of rain in a short amount of time. the highest was 3.3 inches in frederick county. the monocasee river there is going to be running out of its banks throughout the rest of the day. temperatures are dropping because winds are gustier out of the north and west. a gust of 45 miles per hour in gaithersburg. reagan national had a gust to around 30, 30 to 40, 45 mile-per-hour gusts are going to be common for the next couple of hours. then looks like we'll have higher gust as we get into the afternoon. and the temperatures are dropping to the mid 40s in montgomery county, loudoun county, much of northern virginia including fairfax and arlington. right now in the upper 40s. near 50 in washington. upper 40s now prince george's county. much of southern maryland, right near the bay. temperatures there are in the low 50s. and hour by hour through
of fairfax county in the mid-30s to near 40 degrees. we had those sprinkles overnight and the few breaks in the cloud around sunset. since then, a few more sprinkles out of the mountains into the central shenandoah valley. those should stay south of the metro area. still mid-30s to near 40 and that patchy fog. little patchy fog maybe by 8:00 with a partly sunny sky. near 40. by 10:00 the mid-40s. by noontime, upper 40s and partly sunny with a light wind. sunrise at 7:17. sunset at 5:26. i'm back in ten minutes. danella has a look traffic now. good morning. >> good morning. traveling in our area, still pretty quiet this more than. light volume around town. let's head down i-95 if you're traveling in virginia out of stafford, no issues for you. i'll give you a live look as you make your way towards lorton. you can see here, even towards springfield interchange, travel lanes are open in both directions. continuing on to 395, a live look at glebe traveling north and southbound in the area between the beltway and the 14th street bridge, no issues there. if you're taking the rails, they're ope
in the area. >> still some flurries out there. we're getting reports on twitter. western fairfax county seeing fluffy flakes. we also know from brian stoppee that castleton, virginia, has about a half inch of some fluff out there. so you can follow me. i'm @weatherkim. i'm always happy to hangut and chat right back at you. this morning it's still cold. we've been below freezing since tuesday at midnight. yeah, well, today we have a chance of getting to the freezing mark maybe a little bit above. 28 degrees is our magic number. winds are out of the north at 3 miles an hour. limited sunshine at the moment. here's the snow showers coming down. we have one little batch earlier this morning. now another batch moving in to western fairfax as we just mentioned. this was in the greater winchester area too. i want to zoom in for you so you can see exactly what we're talking about. right here, right along 17. this is all very light. the air is so cold that fluffy snow that doesn't stick too well. and into western fairfax, a little bit of light snow. again, nothing heavy. you want to be careful if you're
, just like us. >>> and this is what the snow did to neighborhoods in one fairfax county naked overnight. the snow turned to ice. this is a side street off annandale road. vdot doesn't plow the roads unless they get over two inches. >> some of the schools already decided to close early. fairfax county closing 2 hours early. montgomery county 2 1/2 hours early. fauquier closing at noon. charles county closing 2 hours ear early. loudoun county closing 1 hour early. calvert county and frederick county, maryland, closeding 2 hours early. continue to watch the bottom of your screen for more updates and tune into storm team meteorologist tom kieran. folks are getting ready for the storm coming this way. >>> just enough to put down a coating but will stick immediately once it starts falling. showing the mountains. the bright white areas is where it's reaching the ground. where you see the darker gray, it's all pretty much drying up before it reaches the ground. we don't have -- it shows on radar snow right over northern virginia, the district, and maryland, don't have any rep
of the metro area prince george's county north, the district north and fairfax north. it does not include southern maryland. you will see heavy rain, just less flooding threat. 25 mile-per-hour wind gusts in manassas and the same downtown. by the time we get to midnight, 1:00, 2:00 in the morning winds will gust over 50 miles per hour. a wind advisory covers the entire metro area until 6 a.m. we'll come back and talk more about the timing of the thunderstorms and what that means for the morning rush and also a return to winter. we're tracking snow. >> see you soon. >>> the senate judiciary committee today heard from both sides of the gun control debate during a lengthy hearing on gun violence. among those testifying was former congressional member gabrielle giffords. she is still recovering from the severe injury she suffered two years ago in a shooting rampage in tucson. >> the time is now. you must act. >> also testifying wayne lapierre of the national rifle association. he said universal background checks for gun purchases will not stop convicted criminals from getting their hands on g
30s north and west of town. 39 bethesda. but notice low 40s in fairfax and springfield. and notice 47 in duple fridays and in the 50s. warmer air will move in as we go through the nighttime hours and tomorrow. a couple showers are possible. not looking for a lot of activity, but a couple showers pushing between frederick and leesburg. they'll cross over the river and 270 in the next half an hour. unfortunately, a wet commute between the left over moisture this morning and a couple showers into fairfax and loudoun. you will have a wet commute going home. so, no icy problems tonight. that's good. keep your umbrella handy. milder tomorrow. like april on wednesday, then we go back to winter. we'll be green tomorrow, milder with showers. we'll go yellow because of thunderstorms on wednesday. maybe some strong winds. but look at that, 66 on wednesday. low 44, high of 44 on thursday. back to reality. some morning showers are possible. and then kind of cool. a thunderstorm wednesday evening. we could have morning flurries or morning snow showers on friday. we could have evening flurries or sn
in fairfax county. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, at least two people are dead after a large storm system struck the southeast today. a news crew shot this video. it turned vehicles over on 75 including one tractor-trailer. you can step to date at any time. >> in other news tonight, the man is in the hospital after he was stabbed on in metrobus. according to police, it happened earlier this evening on eighth street and northeast. the suspect has not been caught. as for the victim, he was conscious and breathing when he was taken to the hospital. there was trouble below ground on the metro during rush hour. it stranded passengers on the train and the station. as we hear, some people had to walk their way through that tunnel. is that what you heard? >> they did but that is only because they've decided to self- evacuate from one of these stalled trains. that is something that metro officials caution strongly danced. but these passengers said they had it with this nightmare commute. >> me and my kids would be dead is what was on my mind. >> nobody knows what is going on. >> people were going
of heavy rain pushing in now from leesburg through fairfax county, right on the district's doorstep. behind that are more winds. we've already had numerous reports of trees down, numerous reports of flooding, in fact. these are all the reports of flooding to the north. frederick county, back into loudoun county, a lot of trees down in culpeper, orange, and arrest rap -- and arrapahanna county. you don't see radars that look like this very often in january. this looks like an april radar with the red and orange. that's rainfall rates over an inch per hour. heavy rain back down to alexandria. everything pushing off to the east at 40 miles per hour. we're tracking after this some snow. >> rough out there tonight, top. but as we said it could be worse. check out this amazing cell phone video. that is a tornado that struck 60 miles northwest of atlanta a little earlier today. a 51-year-old man was killed when a tree fell on top of his home. a large manufacturing plant was also demolished. in tennessee another tornado killed at least one person and this is the same storm that's hitting us right n
in great falls, 30 in fairfax, 33 downtown. that's the new low so far for today and 31 over in college park. so it's going to stay chilly to cold. colder tonight. you'll need a heavy coat tomorrow, some clouds south of town and keep your sunglasses handy because you'll still have some sun getting through those high and midlevel clouds. partly cloudy, cold, tonight, a two to three blanket night, lows in the 20s, northwest winds at 10. tomorrow morning partly cloudy and cold, bundle up the kids at the bus stop, 20s and 30s, thankfully not much wind. by afternoon partly cloudy, cold, more clouds south of town, highs around 40, winds out of the southwest at 10. next three days your 9 weather alerts green, just cold tomorrow, 40, breezy and cold friday, low 40s and saturday we're in pretty good shape, sunshine, temperatures back to the mid-40s. next seven days we're still in great shape, mid-40s sunday. so just chilly up in baltimore at fedex, dress for the 30s. i don't see any wind or precipitation and mid-40s monday. derek, you'll like this, near 50 on tuesday and low 50s wednesday. >> a littl
timbre para luego irse corriendo lowell nev policia de fairfax "el lenguaje en cada nota varia, no esta escrito correctamente pero en todas dice que va a matar sin embargo no menciona nombres. pensamos que se trata de alguien que tiene problemas mentales " indico los incidentes ocurrieron en el area de sumner lake y byrd park en manassas se cree que el responsable sea un latino o un arabe lowell nevill/portavoz de la policia de fairfax " en todos los casos en la nota hay un nombre y un telefono pero ni el nombre ni el telefono estan relacionados con quienes viven en la residencia hay algunos residentes que lograron ver de lejos al sospechoso y estamos hablando con ellos." dijo los indicentes ocurren de entre las 7:30 a 11 de la noche ...una vez permitidos los matrimonios del mismo sexo en el estado de maryland son muchos los que estan haciendo realidad el sueno de unir sus vidas junto a su ser querido. lilian mas estuvo presente en una de estas ceremonias y nos amplia. darscel y michael se conocieron hace 7 aÑos y hoy decidieron unir sus vidas ahora que la ley del estado de maryla
are known to have a preference for male babies. >>> another groper attack in fairfax county. this one last night at 5:45 on briar court north. now if it is the same guy, this would be his 15th attack in the area. the first of the new year. the victim tells police while she was out jogging the pervert grabbed her, she screamed, he ran off. giving the exact same description as we have heard in the other attacks. a white or hispanic male between the ages of 25 to 30 about 5-7. if you know anything about this guy, call the cops. >>> and help will soon be on the way for thousands of victims affected by super storm sandy. congress voted to send $10 billion to the communities in the northeast. and that is just a fraction of the $670 billion pack -- $60 billion package that speaker of the house john boehner pulled this past week. but after 24 hours, they said okay, no hard feelings. >> i think he made the wrong decision i believe, but there was no malice in speaker boehner's part. >> isn't that wonderful? what is our jobs? >> speaker boehner has promised to pick up two more sandy relief bills late
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